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Triumph aiming for 400mph.

The Triumph name is to return to the land speed record arena with the newly announced Castrol Rocket – a carbon-fibre streamliner powered by two Rocket III engines with turbos to make a total of more than 1000bhp.

Given that a stock Rocket III engine is 2294cc, it might seem surprising that the specs of the Castrol Rocket list each engine as being just 1485cc, for a total 2970cc. That’s because the “Division C” class is for bikes between 2000 and 3000cc, so the engines have been given short-stroke cranks to reduce their capacity, simultaneously increasing their appetite for revs. The bike’s makers claim peak power at 9000rpm while a stock Rocket won’t even manage 6000rpm. As well as making more than 1000bhp, the bike is reckoned to manage over 500lbft of torque.

Sponsored by America’s Triumph dealers, the team comprises aerodynamicist Matt Markstaller, engine man Bob Carpenter and rider Jason DiSalvo, who will pilot the cigar shaped projectile at Bonneville for the record attempt.

The target is 400mph – the next big number in the escalating battle for motorcycle land speed supremacy. The Castrol team isn’t alone, since it will face tough opposition from existing record holders Ack Attack – which managed 376.156mph in 2010. And in 2014 James Toseland is set to join the fray on the Rolls-Royce jet turbine powered 52 Express.

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