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November 2009 - Take two Vintage AJS motorcycles, a Piper Cub, an airfield, a cameraman and some suitably British weather!

The idea was to create a short piece of footage using two Vintage motorcycles - a 1927 AJS 500ohv and a 1930 AJS R9 500sv. The weather although not ideal for riding motorcycles, did at least lend itself to camerawork! A couple of hot flasks of coffee, a bag of spanners and some fuel and we were off for a mornings ride along a rather damp and cold airfield. The machines behaved well and seemed to enjoy the misty conditions - the R9 being out performed by its ohv older brother but still managing to top speeds of around 55mph at one point! The ohv obviously proving to be the more throttle responsive and generally quicker of the two machines even if not perhaps quite as comfortable as the younger sidevalve touring model. On to the next one now - perhaps a Super Road Rocket and a Venom? We will keep you posted!

To view the finished film footage click here:

A huge thanks to all those kind friends and colleagues who helped put this footage together.

Henry Davies for the camerawork and post production.

Andrew Harris for the soundtrack.

Roger Fogg and his 1927 AJS 500cc OHV.
Jonny Vickers and his 1930 AJS 500cc R9.
Mike Bennett for his Piper Cub.
Tony Arthur for the use of the airfield.


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