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July 2009 - Triumph 'Junior' Celebrates 90th Birthday

Lightweight, comparatively affordable and built to Triumph's own exacting standards – just three reasons why the two speed belt driven Triumph ‘Junior’ or ‘Baby’ as it was to become affectionately known received high acclaim from the motoring press and motorcycle enthusiasts when it arrived just prior to the outbreak of the Great War. Easily identifiable by its cylindrical, underslung petrol tank and Triumph’s own sprung girder fork suspension, the lightweight machine had great instant appeal amongst first time riders and ladies alike.

In its original form, powered by a 225cc vertical, single cylinder two stroke engine, the ‘Junior’ sold well throughout the 1920s before being superseded in 1923 by a 250cc version. Having recently emerged from what can be best described as ‘not quite so dry storage this lovely little 'roundtank' has after nearly half a century, been gently and sympathetically re-commissioned to return to the roads of the South West of England.

Eligible for all vintage events and a true candidate for VMCC ‘creepy crawly’ outings, this ‘Baby’ Triumph has been given a second chance at life and one would imagine that after half a century of storage, this is one 90 year old that will be grasping the opportunity with both levers! So what does the future hold for this little Triumph? Well - once you have mastered the art of the four thumb levers and two hand levers(advance/retard, throttle, choke, gears, decompression and brake) - Perhaps the occasional Sunday outing, a trip to the village post office or local town! Who knows but one things for certain – with the buoyancy and strength of the vintage motorcycle market, we don’t think that there is much chance of her being laid to rest in storage for the next 50 years!

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