Bike Details
Mileage 47000 mi
Color Black
Location United States
  • Original - Immaculate
Seller Note

All Matching Numbers, 998cc ~ 50º V-Twin

The Vincent as the ultimate sports touring motorcycle of her time and them some. She's was previously owned by UK member - Gil Gluck who spared no expense on her rebuild. 45+hp. One rare machine of post-war Vincent's.

In September 1955 when it was revealed that production of the Stevenage-built machines would cease, the news stunned the motorcycling world. Approx. 1 / 388 Enclosed machines were built. They ain't making them any more.

In place of the integral oil reservoir there was a separate tank beneath the seat. The user-friendly hand-operated center stand was a welcome addition, and there were many improvements to the familiar V-twin engine, including coil ignition for easier starting. This is the first " Fully Faired " motorcycle made in production.

Vincent’s final twin – the Series D – had been in production for just six months. Other Series D innovations included a new frame and rear suspension: a steel tube replaced the original upper member/oil tank, while the previous paired spring boxes gave way to a single hydraulic rear shock.

A year before the factory closed in 1955, Vincent produced the enclosed range of Black Knight and Black Prince. Known as the 'Series D', the Black Knight is an upgraded Vincent Rapide which was fully enclosed to keep the rain and dirt from the rider. As well as allowing Vincent to reduce production costs, the enclosure actually improved performance by directing more air to the rear cylinder. Phil Vincent described it as a 'two-wheeled Bentley' and the enclosed Vincent's got a lot of attention at the 1955 Earls Court show. The factory closed on 16 December 1955.

I've owned this machine some 23 years. It has been set aside in my shop storage since returning her from the UK.

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