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Date Published:
21 May 2018
Lincolnshire, United Kingdom

Yamaha TY50 M I have had this bike for around 4 years. Here is the story of how I came by this beautiful little bike. I went to a work friends house on the way home to look a caravan for my He has a small farmhouse and yard , and stores a few, and one of his customers was selling one. As I was walking through the yard I noticed the Yamaha in a small out building. He explained that the retired farmer on the other side of the road to him had died, and his two sons were sorting out and selling up the farm machinery etc. After all was done he noticed the Yamaha had been put on the scrap skip. He managed to save it , and just said to me it seemed a shame to let it go for scrap. I aquired it from him, and he told me that the two sons had been given the bike to play with on the farm from new. And he was pretty sure that the bike had only been used around the farm by the two boys,until they grew up. The tyres in the picture came off the bike, and although a bit perished still had air in them when I purchased it. Milage is genuine , as far as I can tell, as the speedo drive is all working perfectly. Now details of the bike. Acording to my research it is a 1977 . Matching frame and engine Fuel tank needs cleaning. There is still quite a bit to do, fuel lines, fuel tank needs cleaning. But I have had the engine running off a bottle of mixed fuel It has been stood for around two years in a dry shed. I was hoping to ride it properly one day, but I just don't have the time to finish it all off. I also have the transfers for the fuel tank. All electrics were working lights,indicators etc, when I stored i put a new battery on it around three years ago, I will give it a charge, and see if the ignition and gear neutral light comes on, as it did when I stored it. Any questions I can answer, I will if I can. Please be aware the bike has never been registered for the road. Also it needs work to finish it. If some one has the time ,and patience, you will be rewarded with a great classic moped of the 70s. It is a full size moped and NOT the kids trial version. And pretty quick compared to today's mopeds.