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Vincent Comet (1950)

Date Published:
19 Sep 2015
West Yorkshire, UK

Complete, one owner since 1970. Description: Complete and original except for replacement rear footrests (with Vincent rubbers), universal throttle grip, universal rear stop/brake light, exhaust from VOC, and 19” front wheel (for 3.25 x 19 tyre) built in the 1970s by Alf Hagon, Leytonstone, London E11. Original Lucas Magneto, Miller Dynamo, Lucas MOR2 voltage regulator, Amal carburettor (separate float chamber). On the road. Mostly A1 condition, but dynamo not charging. Lighting/horn circuit complete and working. New 6v battery (no case). Aluminium/brightwork in good condition, bodywork good with some parts needing a touch-up. Comes with chrome/yellow AA badge (c. 1960). Service history Bought 29th April 1970, and now 41,118 on the clock. Receipts since 1977. Care includes big-end/small-end replacement in early 1970s, some parts stove-enamelled in 1983 etc. Includes work done by, and parts supplied by Vincent specialists: Conway Motors, Maidstone Dave Lindsley, Heywood, Lancs (magneto overhaul 1989, dynamo repairs 1996, 2002) Furness Searle, Cromer nr. Stevenage (engine stripped/checked 1977, 1988; forks stove-enamelled and re-built 1988; engine de-coked and exhaust port thread re-cut 1989 etc.) Humphreys, Islington, London N.1 Vin-Parts, Llandrindod Wells, Powys VOC Spares Co. 13 x MOT certificates, from 1976 -2004 (shows 8,972 miles over 28 years, av.320mpa) Spares and extras: Original 20” front wheel rim (for 3.00 x 20 tyre). Avon SM MkII rear tyre 3.50 x 19, apparently unused. 2 x used carburettor slides 29/3 2 x used ATD gears Used idler gear 50/2 Used piston with rings and gudgeon pin Original used ammeter Spare Horn button Spare head/dip switch Used Champion plug cap 1 x pr unused brake shoes Spare used choke lever Spare used fuel taps Non-standard Silencer, good condition, fits exhaust. Twistgrip and handlebar grip Footrest peg and Vincent rubber M10 tool roll (no tools) Exhaust pipe locking ring spanner Assorted gaskets, rocker cover washers, old springs, bits and pieces. Literature: MPH [VOC magazine] – 109 issues 1995-2006 EMG Stevens Know Thy Beast. Rev.edn 1977. VOC. Harper Engines Ltd. Vincent Spare Parts List. Stevenage. n.d. Photocopy of Vincent Riders Handbook. 3rd ed. 1950. Photocopy of The Book of the Ariel c.1962 Ch. 2 on Amal carburettors, Ch.3 on Lighting Photocopy of Servicing Common Components – British models. n.d. Section 10 Burman gearboxes.