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Suzuki M30 Scooter Moped 1040 miles

Date Published:
22 May 2013
Isle of Wight, United Kingdom

Hi, I am reluctantly selling this extremely rare early suzuki This scooter is unique, it has travelled only 1045 miles from new, yes 1045 miles. My grandmother bought it new in 1965 and used it to travel the short distance to the family shop when she needed to work there. However in 1970 she stopped using the bike and it was stored in the family tin outhouse after covering 909 miles. (1970 MOT verifies it had travelled 835 miles) After the passing of my Grandmother the bike was rediscovered. I replaced the tyres, coil, condensor and points, cleaned the carb, fitted a fuel filter, carbon fibre wrapped the exhaust and and took it for MOT. This was January 2012. I used it for a few pleasure trips and it has now covered 1040 miles. However with 4 classic cars to maintain and run, and a shed full of kids bikes I'd like the scooter to find a good home. It is totally original, has surface rust on the horizontal surfaces which the MOT man made me touch up. It has never been crashed or welded. More photos are available if you contact me. By the way when the modern V5 was applied for it was registered as a moped so it can be ridden by older people with this catagory on their licence even if they haven't taken a bike test.