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Rare Triumph Daytona T100D

Date Published:
23 Jun 2013
Buckinghamshire, uk

I am sadly selling my 1975 Triumph Daytona T100d as I feel there is someone out there that would appreciate it and use it much more than me. I inherited the beauty when my parents split up, as not surprisingly they couldn’t agree on who would have it so this bike has been in the family over 30years. Enough about me, let me tell you the interesting story of this very rare bike. Meriden was the home of the Triumph Motorcycle factory, which moved from Coventry during the Second World War. In July 1973, a new company - Norton-Villiers-Triumph - was formed and it was planned to move production to the BSA factory in Birmingham. Workers blockaded the factory to prevent closure. A sit-in by workers at Meriden lasted for almost two years until March 1975. During the sit-in the government loaned the subsequent Meriden workers co-operative money to buy the factory and later to market the Triumph motorcycles they produced. In this time the workers built 18 bikes. This was the T100d, the last Daytona made. Engine numbers ran from JJ57989 to JJ58006. My bike being the last made (JJ58006). A few more were made from spares too. Some had drum brakes and a few had disc brakes, mine being one with disc brakes. There are only 7 known to be left, including mine. Over the past few years I have done a lot of work to the bike, stripping it right down and re-building it. I have sent the bike in for an MOT most years to keep her going well. The bike currently has an MOT until November 2013. Current mileage is a very low 23,517.