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Monet et Goyon

Date Published:
11 Nov 2013
Hampshire, UK

In 1916, during the 1st. World War, Joseph Monet and Adrien Goyon initiated the manufacture of invalid tricycles so that handicapped people could recover mobility. The first low-cost motorized version was manufactured in 1919 with an 'Autowheel' engine. This motorized version was called an 'Automouche'. The company continued to make these carriages, later called “Velocimaines”, right through WW2 until 1954. This Velocimaine is probably unique in the UK. It has a 49cc Moto Garelli 'Mosquito' engine which drives a rear tyre with a simple friction drive. This is a motor developed for autocycles in the late 1940s and was normally mounted on an ordinary bicycle under the pedals. On this machine the hand pedals drive the front wheel through a Sturmey Archer three speed hub which also has a hub brake. There is a calliper brake on the front wheel too. These fittings all seem to date from the 1950s although the frame and particularly the wicker seat seem to date from an earlier age with modifications added later. The front fork has a sliding pillar suspension reminiscent of a Morgan. It has a genuine patina of age and whilst it is unrestored it is in good condition and everything works including the cycle dynamo lighting. This Velocimaine has been demonstrated at Beaulieu Spring Parades where it showed it can keep up a fair speed!