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James Motorcyle Historical Collection

Date Published:
07 Jun 2013
West Midlands, United Kingdom

Here is a wonderful historical collection for the James Motorcycle enthusiast. Please study the photos and contact me with any questions. This fantastic collection includes: Two original business cards for James Motorcycles Ltd Original carriage label for James Motor Cycles, Greet Birmingham Photo of Norman Moore with a James. Framed James Motor Cycles Limited Certificate for 25 years service of Norman Moore, 1931- 1956. Dated 20th December 1956 and signed by the managing Director. Framed Special Edition print from Nostalgia Antiquary of The Famous James limited number 98/750. Norman Moore’s original old address book, within the pages are notes from customers, slips for bike parts, drawings for bike parts, telegram inviting Norman to a scramble. A lovely piece of history. Also there are old photocopies of articles relating to The James, also photocopies of old photos, book page showing The James Mascot, copy of The James Retrospect and Prospect, James works brochure. Included are original works photos, not copies: Colour photo of James Factory testers. Photo of Norman Moore with Clive Horsfields prototype 250 Starmaker James at the two day TV Scramble, Rolleswood farm. Which won the main races, 1963. Olga Williams, TV Cover girl Middlesborough and others on James motorcycles. The Mayor and officials looking at a James. Photo taken in Granada, writing appears to say Geo Fisher and James Captain Set of original works publicity photos: James 197cc Colonel, James Cotswold 250, James Commando 250, James Commando 200 1956 model K7T, Two other un-named James models. Photo which appears to be a copy from printed material of James Commando 200 197cc ts Trials 1957. Original Technical data sheet for James Cotswold Starmaker and Original Technical data sheet for James competition models 1963.