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How can I restore an unsaved word document?

Date Published:
18 Sep 2018
United Kingdom, United Kingdom

Microsoft has its own set of advanced features and as there are a lot of features associated with it therefore it is often seen that the users are not aware of each and every feature. Such as one can easily recover a lost word document for that on the file menu click ‘’open’’ click ‘’recent documents’’ scroll to the end of the documents click ‘’recover unsaved files’’ double click on the document that is to be saved as it opens save it immediately. If in case this particular method doesn’t work the other two methods that can be used are search for the original document the searching steps may differ depending on which windows operating system you are using. If in case you are using a system that has the option ‘’always create back up copy ‘’ selected then you can also search for the backup copy that might be present on your system somewhere. More info visit here: