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1989 Yamaha FZR400 Exup 3TJ

Date Published:
23 Feb 2014
Somerset, England

Pocket Rocket - 1989 FZR400 3TJ. Engine is sound, newish stainless downpipes removing the Exup vv, Brembo Master, brembo underslung rear caliper. 17' wheel conversion, Continental Road Attacks part worn and Conti Race Attacks have done two trackdays too. Clip ons, medium race grips. Speedo is in KM/H, mileage shows 31,132 which is around 20,00 miles. Previous owner said the bike had a conversion fitted but I'm not so sure! Original fairings, braided lines....taxed, MOT'd. Runs rich, needs jetting properly and is still restricted as an import, BDK Race Engineering can sort this for around £100 with a new CDI. Many parts powder coated. Lots of history. Currently sat in my kitchen with failings removed, indicators/number plate etc. removed (can be re-fitted before sale). No tyre kickers please, I am selling my beloved bike to fund my move to the Isle of Man.