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1986 Suzuki RG500 Gamma

Date Published:
08 Oct 2016
CA, United States

If you know Gammas, then you know how hard they are to find. Especially in basically stock unmolested condition. I purchased this bike from an estate sale. Previous owner was deceased so I couldn’t ask any questions! The bike was literally in pieces in boxes and tubs. And to make it more intriguing there were multiply motor parts in boxes. He must have acquired another motor and parts or something? But again I couldn’t ask. I like to think I am a pretty good at restoration and have great knowledge about the Gammas having owned over a dozen in my lifetime. People, who know me, know I have some of the most beautiful restored 2 strokes. I spent over 18 months doing a complete ground up restoration on the bike. The Gamma is all stock except for the steel braided brakes hose, wheels powder coated red to clean them up, silicone radiator hoses, and the air boxes and snorkel tubes removed and fitted with individual filters for much better performance. I can supply the stock air box parts, and brakes hoses if desired. I have taken pictures of various stages of the restoration process to show some of what was been done. All parts used were genuine Suzuki parts unless noted. No aftermarket stuff. Let start with the frame. The frame had been welded when I got it on the back cross bar section left and right under the seat. This was a common spot to bend in even a light crashes or tip over. Also on the fairing stay on the left front side was welded. That is hardly noticeable. The cross bar welding is hidden by the bodywork. Refer to pictures for details. Frame was sent and checked on a laser frame stand. Everything is straight and prefect. I also can verify this since everything bolt up easy and in line. Head bearings were replaced with pyramid bearings. All stainless cages. No plastic Both front and rear calibers were completely striped, rebuilt and powder coated. New pads installed Front and rear master cylinders rebuilt. Brake rotors checked and detailed. Front forks rebuilt. All new seal, bushings, oil, installed. They too were checked to be straight. New chain and sprockets. These are aftermarket. Swingarm bearings repacked All new wheel bearings New throttle, choke, and clutch cables. All black fairing stays in front and rear black pipe stay, kick stand, top and lower triple clamp powder coated. Lots of powder coating. Tons of new nuts and bolts used to clean up the bike. Engine: Everything in the motor was checked and reassembled Cranks rebuilt with new big ends and seals. Trued. New pistons and rings. Fresh hone. Pistons are genuine Suzuki parts 1.00mm over. New clutch plates and springs Update Suzuki tranny gears. New water pump seals Exhaust pipes cleaned and painted. Rear lower silencers are in good condition. Carburetor rebuilt with new gaskets and needle seats Oil check valves installed for the injection. This is done to keep 2 stroke oil from seeping into the engine while seating. I put them on almost all my 2 strokes. New 2 stroke oil lines installed. Every seal and gasket on the motor was replaced, again all using Suzuki parts. Motor has only 100 miles currently on it since rebuilt. Speedo shows total of about 8,800KM or 5,400 miles give or take. It starts up on a few kicks and is still needs some break in. Motor sounds real nice. All lights, turn signals, brake lights, gauges, and switches work properly.