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1972 Kawasaki 750 H2 Mach Iv

Date Published:
28 Jul 2020
Oregon, United State

This 1st model year 1972 Kawasaki 750 2-stroke triple underwent a painstaking, meticulous 12-year restoration. It was finished October, 2012 and has been ridden 107 miles since then. The bike was a group effort involving local Seattle area technicians Walter Myers and George Dean. Ron at Purple Haze Racing did the motor/trans. Paint by Russ Foy. Plating/polishing by Art Brass, etc., etc. Normally a job like this would not take 12 years, but the owner did it without budget constraints so he progressed as time and $$$ would allow. This was to be his 'lifetime' bike however I had in stock a freshly restored Z1-R/TC that he traded for. Several aspects of this bike were not done with 100% originality in mind. It is plated/polished in areas the Kawasaki factory did not know existed. This is an early production H2 which means it has slightly different cylinders/porting from the factory which translates to a more exciting powerband. However, it is not early enough to have a plastic headlight nacelle. Currently it has a period correct Hella H4 headlight upgrade although the stock light is included. The 2nd disc brake up front is in fact a dealer sourced kit from way back in the day. The extra caliper, 2nd disc, brake lines, hardware, splitter, etc., are all the pieces one would have gotten from the dealer. The master cylinder is the 5/8' variant that came with the kit. I've ridden this bike a few times and lived to tell about it. In my opinion this 750 H2 is as nice an example as anyone is likely to find. Cosmetically, mechanically, you name it. Includes one factory original key, the toolkit but, sadly, no owner's manual.98