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1970 Norton Commando Production Racer (CPR)

Date Published:
25 Aug 2018
Nevada, USA

Up for sale is a 1970 Norton Commando Production Racer (CPR) replica. I say “replica” because this is not one of the original 119 CPRs built at the Norton-Villiers Performance Shop at Thruxton Circuit in 1970 and 1971. In virtually every other way though, it is a correct machine. Norton records indicate this bike, 135438, was a 'yellow Roadster” when it was dispatched to the US importer, Berliner, on March 7, 1970. However, this substantially correct replica carries the major exotic period pieces of a genuine CPR, including a period three-rib Lockheed disk brake caliper, CPR-specific Campagnolo front axle, “Norton” machined front disc brake hub (also drilled for a second rotor), unique CPR front slider with cast-in carrier for the Lockheed caliper, special Lockheed racing master cylinder, 30mm Amal carbs (correct for a 1970 CPR) with CPR-correct open bellmouths, Norvil head steady, Borrani 19” shouldered alloy wheels, CPR-specific tucked-in exhaust headers, high compression 10.25:1 Hepolite Powermax pistons, reverse cam plate gearbox (to retain GP shift pattern with reversed lever and CPR rear sets) with close ratio gearset, welded up steel intake manifolds instead of standard cast aluminum production pieces, Manx-type (shorter) brake foot lever, vented rear drum brake, longer-than-standard kickstarter, clear rocker oil feed line, CPR-correct serial plate on chassis backbone, and CPR-specific fiberglass fairing, fuel tank and solo seat. I own seven genuine, documented, NVPS Thruxton-dispatched CPRs; this machine is nearly indistinguishable from those, as well as being in excellent overall condition. Genuine CPRs are fantastic bikes to look at or ride, and their period race record speaks to their now-legendary performance. Most Norton experts would have a hard time distinguishing this replica from the real thing. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of owning or riding one of these bikes, then you know they are the bee's knees of spirited vintage riding experiences and will draw a crowd at your local watering hole. So, make yourself and others happy by buying and riding this beautiful machine! The winning buyer can choose the large endurance tank as pictured, or an original 16 liter CPR tank that was restored with the bike and has been unused since. The endurance tank currently fitted was an original option on the CPR, but I believe the tank on the bike is a reproduction (probably for the intention of running modern fuels, as it has been coated inside) of the optional factory unit.