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1947 Harley Davidson Knucklehead with Sidecar

Date Published:
12 Aug 2018
Nevada, USA

This is a 1947 Harley Davidson Knucklehead motorcycle and it has an overseas sidecar. This was purchased at an estate, I have very little knowledge of motorcycles. This bike was stored a long time indoors With that said, here is what we know The title is clean. It matches the VIN # on the motor (motor # shown in pictures) NOt a salvage or rebuild The sidecar is real Harley Davidson and appears to be 1942 based on serial # The wheels are all interchangeable The motor leaks a bit of oil, leaves a spot about 1″ diameter overnight or when sitting Motor kicks over and is free. The bike was NOT started. I was advised against trying to start this bike due to many factors better left to experts. The fenders are NOT original and are aftermarket OR reproductions The fuel tanks (consensus says) are 1951 Harley Davidson tanks. There was and is no fuel in them. There is NO battery. Unknown if it is 6 volt or 12 volt The paint has some wear Speedo is no original and has 8 miles showing on it It does NOT have reverse I believe it is 61 cubic inch motor The air cleaner is off the bike but is shown in photos on the seat of the sidecar The glass in the headlamp is cracked and has black tape on it to prevent the piece from falling out.